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Rowan - ★★★★★

Olivewood Dance Instruction is an excellent resource for beginners and also more advanced dancers who want to develop their ballroom dance skills, especially for the first dance on their wedding day.

I highly recommend contacting Kyle, the instructor, if you are interested in preparing for your big day, or if you want to spend an enjoyable, romantic evening together dancing.

My partner and I attend his weekly group lessons in Galion, Ohio, and we always have a special time.

Johanna - ★★★★★

Kyle is a great instructor in ballroom dance among other dances. Very informative. I highly recommend these classes.

Marcy - ★★★★★

Had a wonderful time at the Mother-Son Workshop today! Great fun. No pressure. Kyle was a great teacher - very patient. Looking forward to dancing again.

Brian - ★★★★★

Kyle is a very good instructor. Knowledgeable, presenting steps in a clear manner. Fun time!

Patty - ★★★★★

Kyle is an excellent dancer and a great teacher. He is easy to follow, and doesn't try to give you too much at one time. He has the ability to work with beginners as well as the more seasoned dancers.

Shane - ★★★★★

The weekly dance class is great. The instructor, Kyle, is really easy to follow. Love going.

Doug - ★★★★★

Kyle is a tremendous instructor. He is compassionate to all.

Twila - ★★★★★

Excellent teacher and super nice guy. Very patient and great sense of humor.

Eunice - ★★★★★

Absolutely love our time at dance lessons. Have been away a couple weeks due to a busy schedule, but can't wait to get back at it soon. Miss seeing everyone there. So much fun and great exercise. Kyle is a great instructor with a lot of patience. Highly recommended.

Isaac - ★★★★★

Kyle is a super great instructor and highly recommended!