You're In The Driver's Seat Now

From the leader's perspective:

Imagine you are driving a car, obeying traffic laws, using your turn signals, stopping at stop signs, all the fun stuff. You're in charge of the advanced metal beast beneath you. With your partner sitting in the passenger seat making comments the whole drive.


From the follower's perspective:

You're sitting in the passenger seat. You're partner is doing a decent job driving, but is pulling the occasional rolling stop and cutting a few corners. Normal, everyday driving. You are helping out, as best you can. Vocalizing all the things your partner could improve in their driving. 


The above example is a prime example of leading and following. For the most part. There is nothing vocal about leading and following in ballroom. The leader is driving around the dance floor and the follower is giving feedback the whole time. Each step that is led is also followed, or not followed. That's the feedback. If the lead is followed you led it right, if not you have to figure out how to lead that move better. Leading and following is teamwork, it can't happen without communication. Ask each other what you can do to make the dance better for both of you.

Disclaimer: This article is meant as a supplement to in-person instruction. It is not intended as an instructional piece to teach you how to dance. Key components of dancing can only be taught in person. To schedule a lesson visit our Lessons & Classes page.

Kyle SolomonComment