Heel Lead? Toe Lead?

The difference between a heel lead and a toe lead is how we strike or stroke the floor. Generally heel leads are used in the smooth/standard dances and toe leads are generally used in the rhythm/latin dances. Both heel leads and toe leads start at one end of the foot and end at the other rolling through the whole foot in the process. As with most steps in ballroom your weight is kept on the standing foot until your moving foot is in position for the next step.

Heel leads: Reach out with your foot, stroking the floor until your heel is the only part of your foot still in contact with the floor. Transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot while rolling through your forward foot. The heel lead is finished when your weight is transferred and you have rolled through your forward foot to the ball of that foot.

Toe Leads: Reach out with your foot, striking the floor with the ball of your foot. Transfer your weight to the moving foot by rolling from the ball of your foot to your whole foot.

.Disclaimer: This article is meant as a supplement to in-person instruction. It is not intended as an instructional piece to teach you how to dance. Key components of dancing can only be taught in person. To schedule a lesson visit our Lessons & Classes page.

Kyle Solomon